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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  September 25, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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maltese falcon statute selling for $325,000. >> very cool. >> have a happy birthday and happy birthday to julie banderas. >> jamie: developing now a pair of shootings at two different parties leaving two people dead and nearly a dozen others injured. f.b.i. searching for a suspect in a brazen heist including taking a bank teller hostage. investigators are discovering an important clue. i'm julie banderas and this the fox report. >> president obama slamming republicans over their pledge to america, a proposal to slash taxes and spending as well as end the stimulus program and repeal the health care law. >> it's not a prescription for a better future. it's an echo of disastrous decade. >> republicans firing back.
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>> the policies of the current administration, millions of americans are out of work sclool tonight more on the battle over the pledge and how it could affect the all important midterm elections. also tonight, terror scare in the sky. police evacuate an international flight from canada forcing hundreds off the plane over an apparent bomb threat but was it all a hoax? plus, bullied but not backing down. an 11-year-old boy says two classmates beat him up and even broke his arm all because he a cheerleader but that is not starting to him from doing what he loves. >> it's something he is interested in and whatever he can enjoy in life. >> julie: right you in a political battle raging for the hearts and minds of the voters. president obama taking direct
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aim of congressional strategy winning the majority on one side come november. in weekly radio address, shooting holes in the pledge to america two days after gop congressional leaders unveiled it. meewl republicans using their own weekly address to highlight their ideas about everything from federal spending to tax cuts to health care, house republicans first laid out their agenda on thursday in suburban washington. as you can imagine they and the president disagree over what the pledge has to offer. >> now, the republicans who want to take over congress offered their own ideas the other day. many were the same policies that led to the economic crisis in the first place which isn't surprising because many of the leaders were among the architects of the failed policy. >> rejection of the notion we can simply tax, borrow and spend our way to prosperity. it offers a new way forward that
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hasn't been tried in washington. an approach focused on cutting spending which is sadly a new idea for congress, accustomed to always accelerating it. >> julie: ongoing war of words, par for the course as both sides try to emphasize the stark differences in their policies. >> part of what president obama does not like about the republicans pledge to america is it calls for extension of bush tax cuts for all americans. president says he agrees with extending most of the tax cuts but not for families who make over $250,000 because that would mean $700 billion would not come in as taxes so the government would have to borrow more money. here is how the president wants to handle the expire tax cuts. >> instead of cutting taxes for the wealthiest few, i've called for tax cuts for middle-class families who saw their income
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shrink by 35% in the last decade >> molly: the president called it disastrous decade economically. the republicans countered saying it's the democrats' plan. they say they are running up the debt with so much spending. >> from the billion dollar bailouts to the stimulus package that failed. to the government takeover of health care, you cried stop but the democratic majority in washington has refused to listen. i'm speaking to you on behalf of republicans to tell you that we've been listening and we've heard you. >> molly: mccarthy said the economic condition got so bad one in six relies on the government for some kind of support. >> julie: molly henneberg, thank you so much. he's the only american put on the c.i.a.'s capture or kill list. seeking to throw out a lawsuit
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u.s. targeting him. his father originally filed the suited. white house saying that allowing the suit to proceed would reveal state secrets. al awaki is believed to be hiding somewhere in yemen. democratic leaders taking another crack at a bill that sparked a political firestorm last time around. >> this bill should be more important than a campaign talking points. you could have passed it any time during the past three and a half years. >> the 9/11 health care bill something they agree on. federal help for responders sickened in the 9/11 attack. will politics get in the way again? caroline has more. >> the first time around the bill caused more screaming and controversy on the floor of the
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house than we've seen in years. the bill would allot $7.5 billion to compensate people with health problems stemming from breathing in fumes after 9/11. thousands of firefighters and police officers and construction workers have sued over exposure and later health problems. democratic leaders brought it to the house floor in late july under a procedure requiring a super majority, meaning republicans couldn't add amendments and that brought on finger pointing. >> you could pass this bill if you want to. you are in control. you have the power and responsibility. >> if republicans wrapping their arms around republicans rather than doing the right thing on behalf of the heroes. it is a shame. >> next week's vote, democratic leadership released this statement, we would like to recognize the work of the organization to benefit those
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that raced to the occasion on 9/11. this would just need a simple majority vote. some critics call it a new entitlement program that would increase taxes. >> julie: new developments in a bomb scare diverting an international flight bound for pakistan. the boeing 707 en route from toronto to karachi landed in sweden. canadian investigators say they received a tip that a passenger on board was carrying a bomb. now, the royal mounted police are looking into whether it was all a hoax. a s.w.a.t. team evacuated the airport when it landed arresting a 25-year-old canadian citizen. they interrogated the man and released him. they are searching for the person responsible for that bomb threat. >> from a scare in the air to a threat on the high seas. pirates hijacking a ship off the
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coast of somali. they say the attack as the vessel went through a heavily traveled shipping route. a group of 12 ukrainians are on board and no contract has been made with them since they received a distress signal but the latest indication that it's now heading to somalia. >> all eyes on a fragile situation the u.s. leading an intense effort to save the middle east peace talks but it's a race against the clock. who is threatening to walk out and why. find out coming up. also, a violent robbery caught on tape. even as the bandit rushed up to the clerk, she manages to do something pretty incredible. how her clear thinking may have saved her life. that is next. another robbery suspect no longer running free. have you heard about this guy? they nicknamed him where's waldo
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>> julie: new developments in two separate deadly shootings. new jersey police say a 19-year-old student died after a shooting near the campus. investigators believe a shooter was turned away from an apartment party and then returned with a gun. four others are in the hospital with minor injuries. the party-goers could not identify the gunman and in los angeles, investigators are now searching for a suspect after a deadly brawl at a house party there. gunshots were fired at 2:00 a.m. and in all, eight person were shot and one killed. suspects in both incidents remain at large. a brutal robbery at a at an oregon check cashing store. the suspect pistol whipped an employee and grabbed handfuls of cash. she tripped a silent burglar
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alarm under the counter but the thief ran off by the time police arrived. investigators believe this case is connected to several other robberies at area check cashing businesses. f.b.i. writing the final chapter in a real life where's waldo story. they arrested the man and dubbed him the weird waldo bandit saying he robbed a bank wearing a red striped shirt and thick glasses. they tracked him to a hospital and his brother says he suffers from a drug addiction. he will face federal bank robbery charges after he is released. new developments in a bank heist that rivals any that you have seen in a hollywood movie. finding the getaway car used by bank robbers in south florida yesterday but there is still no sign of the robbers themselves.
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the f.b.i. saying the vehicle was discovered just a few blocks from the coral gables bank. that was the target. the car belongs to the same bank teller to pull off their heist. >> reporter: friday night after hours of questioning, he leaves the f.b.i. building in north miami-dade a free man, wearing jeans and a t-shirt he gets into an agent's car. early friday in coral gables, police rush to the scene. >> you can see a gridlock. >> commuters couldn't go anywhere. >> everything is really messed up. >> officers got their guns and the bomb squad is called in. >> it all happened friday the coral gables bank of america.
7:15 pm
bank employs who you see with no shirt on tells police he was strapped with explosives and forced to hand over cash to robbers. >> it was kind of like serious stuff. >> police say the suspect claims it all started when he was kidnapped from his apartment. he was drin by the suspects to the bank. >> the device was placed on his body and he was transported to the bank. >> it's an unusual event to have explosives strapped to a victim. >> he says he was forced to get an undisclosed amount from the bank. branch manager was inside the bank and called 911. police swarmed the area and had their weapons ready. >> we were able to clear the bank, clear the safety of the individual and be able to deactivate the device. >> julie: thanks to kevin, fox affiliate in miami for filing that report. >> the largest union in the u.s.
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is branching out and this isn't your father's teamsters. a special brand of gardeners are joining go the ranks of truckers and they are giving potholes a new meaning. casey stegall is live in san diego. >> reporter: it is fleet week in southern california, all about honoring are u.s. military men and women and allowing civilians to get up close and personal with weapons of war like this. we'll take you on board live coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> julie: a woman is soon heading to court. these are before and after pictures. you may remember a washington state prosecutor says she will face a judge on wednesday for combined arraignment and preliminary hearing. vancouver woman charged with theft for accepting nearly $28,000 in donations from sympathizers. investigators saying she spent about $1500 of that money. account containing donations is now frozen. the parents say all the money will be returned. you may remember that he is accused some stranger of throwing acid in her face. she actually threw the acid on herself. >> the largest union in america
7:21 pm
teamsters represent employees in the expanding medical marijuana industry signing up more than three dozen workers in oakland. a union spokesman declining membership is forcing them to branch out to new businesses. >> industry and growing industry. >> there is going to be potholes in the road. i think we can get over them. >> it's a win-win for everyone. workers get the benefits. >> federal law prohibits the growing and selling of marijuana obviously, but the u.s. attorney general says the feds will not go after people operating under state laws. thousands of miracle men and women are invading san diego. it is the city's fleet week and not only are area residents rolling out the red, white and blue and up and close to major military hardware. casey stegall has a very close look live in san diego. hi, casey. >> good to see you. that is the whole purpose, to
7:22 pm
not only honor the military men and women but to allow u.s. citizens to touch some of the airplanes and boats, weapons of war. this is incredible. we want to take you on board. it's a landing craft air cushion. if you follow me this way, we'll come up board and talk to josh allen who operates this massive thing. tell us what on this is for? >> it's utilized to transport marines from their support ship out in sea. >> it's like a giant hovercraft. we have a split screen out in the water but it floats on top of the water and propelled by massive fans. how much power has to be in these? >> we have two propeller systems and all the engine systems produce 16,000 horsepower. >> how much do they weigh? >> they weigh approximately 240,000 pounds. >> my photographer is going down
7:23 pm
the line and showing you how much room there is on the deck. you can transport vehicles, you name it? >> yes, 1689 square foot to traps port vehicles. >> josh, thank you so much for being with us. this is all part of fleet week. we should tell you this is big for the military but also for the local economy. the events alone injecting about $10 million into the san diego region and they also have largest population of military personnel anywhere in america, over 300,000 call this part of america home. pretty incredible, an event several days down the line. >> julie: thank you very much. great report. >> it is the dominant religion in many countries, yet some now see a spike in the number of women convert to go islam. why? that story is coming up.
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this little boy has got a lot of spirit, but he says some bullies tried to take it away from him. more on trying to pursue a passion not associated with most boys his age, next.
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7:28 pm
cheerleader. tyler saying bullies broke his arm when they roughed him up but despite the abuse and teasing, he still persevered and what does that spell, a lot of heart. mark of fox affiliate from cleveland, ohio has more. >> tyler wilson knows his after school activity may be a bit unusual, but he wanted to be a cheerleader and he made it happen. >> i didn't want to feel like --. >> he is a sixth grader at glenwood middle school and he made the cheerleading squad. the city program is unaffiliated with the school but that is where he says he was endlessly bullied by players and eventually he was beat up by two classmates who tyler says jumped
7:29 pm
him after school and broke his arm when he was knocked out. his mom says he could be teased but he didn't want to stop him from doing it. >> no, i'm not going to tell him to do it. i want him to enjoy whatever he wants to enjoy in life. >> her son was attacked back on august 31 and first lied about what happened to his arm. once she found out the truth from the doctor, she had no choice but to call the police. >> knees kids are young. i don't know for sure if kids will get prosecuted but the prosecutor will take it more seriously. >> with the police investigation complete, christy says he is just found out two of her son's classmates could be punished. tyler says the teasing hasn't stopped but the other
7:30 pm
cheerleaders sent him a card. >> from the players and keosms. >> so while he waits to see if he needs surgery, he is doing modified cheers from the sidelines. like it or not, his future will include more of it. >> julie: our thanks to mark, fox affiliate in cleveland for filing that report. >> this is a fox report, bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news, at least one person dead after a shooting at seton hall, new jersey. somebody shot five people at a off-campus party. a man was denied access and returned with a gun. police are now offering a $10,000 reward for information on the suspect.
7:31 pm
and cops in california says one person was killed and ten injured at a fight at party. cops say somebody opened fire at a birthday party around 2:00 a.m. local time. the shooting does not appear to be gang-related. the white house now fighting a lawsuit filed against the federal government on behalf of anwr al awaki, he is the cleric on the capture or kill list. he is accused of having ties to the fort hood shooting. his father filed a lawsuit to protect his son but the obama administration invoked government state secret privilege in the case, effectively killing the suit. hugo chavez facing challenges in his own country. a wide ranging coalition is opposing his party in national elections tomorrow. that spells bad news for chavez,
7:32 pm
an avowed socialist and vocal critic of the united states. hi, steve. >> reporter: it would be hard enough to think of another world leader as critical of the u.s. he is putting it all on the line. he has been in power for 11 years. he hopes to be in power for another 10, 20, 30 years and he able to stay in power he is going to need help from the parliament. opposition is trying to win one-third of the seats. on paper the numbers favor chavez's opponents. inflation at 30%, some of the highest in latin america, murders, some of the highest in the world. venezuela ranking third in the world. it's gotten a lot more dangerous on his side almost complete control of the media, all the tv
7:33 pm
stations and billions of dollars in oil money. we've seen him on television in front of washers and dryers, electrical apply yajsz brought in from china on credit. often before elections in venezuela we see the government spending money making a lot of promises and that is just what we are seeing this week. >> julie: and the leader of another country who has made it clear he is no friend of the u.s., mahmoud ahmadinejad back in tehran after his stay in new york city for the united nations general seeblt meeting. before he left, fox news obtained an exclusive interview with million million. -- mahmoud ahmadinejad. >> do you want to pursue a nuclear bomb? >> i have said on numerous occasion we don't want atomic bomb.
7:34 pm
>> why should we believe you. you violated four u.n. resolutions, why should the world believe anything you say on this subject? >> julie: you can watch the interview tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern on america news headquarters. i talked to the producer who was in on the interview. she said at one point, alameda said to him, would you -- mahmoud ahmadinejad said, would you speak this way. it gets really good. a fast approaching deadline looming large that could derail any hopes for progress. israel's freeze on settlement building expires. palestinian president says he will walk out the talks if israel does not extend the freeze. yesterday the top diplomat h hillary clinton meeting with mahmoud abbas from making good on his threat. reena ninan has more from
7:35 pm
jerusalem. >> it's down to the wire, secretary of state hillary clinton has been meeting with officials to reach a compromise over the settlement deal but nothing has been agreed to so far. she met with barak and israeli officials say they could not extend the freeze. they have been urging israel to extend it. palestinians say they will drop out of the direct talks which begin this month if construction continues. today in the west bank, clashes took place. protestors are calling on a complete boycott of all settlement. journalist says he was asked to step back and never given the chance to do it before being beaten by israeli soldiers. clinton should meet with foreign minister to discuss restarting peace talks between israel and
7:36 pm
syria. >> julie: reena ninan, thank you very much. >> a fox weather alert. downgrading tropical storm matthew to a tropical depression. here a look right now at matthew's path. the storm is expected to move west across the caribbean while another tropical storm is weakening. heavy rain from matthew is soaking the nation of honduras. leaving thousands without power tonight. residents say they are worried the excess rain will hurt crops. here in the u.s. minnesota hit with floods of their own. parts of that state still underwater at this hour. look at all the damage from above. an onslaught of rain causing many rivers to flood their banks. in nearby wisconsin, much of the flooding is finally starting to recede. >> chaos on the highway after a deer plays chicken with a tractor-trailer. you can never have too much watermelon?
7:37 pm
juicy details coming up with a fox trip across america. >> indiana, a trailer flipping over on to its side and right into oncoming traffic. it happened in the city of derry. we're told the driver swerved to avoid a deer and that is when the semi barreled over the wall. several lanes shut down as crews cleared the wreckage. >> south dakota, hot air balloons taking to the sky to celebrate a milestone. 75 years ago, scientists launched balloons from this field to take pictures of the earth. it marks the first time that hot air balloons were sent all the way into the strategy os fear. >> your tax dollars in new york did not bail out this investment bank but there is still a chance to own part of he man brothers. pieces of firm's contemporary
7:38 pm
art collection. proceeds from the event going to repay creditors, still owed money, the auction house expecting to pull in $10 million. >> missouri, it's melon mania, a local farmer showing off two giant water melons. the larger one weighs in over 130 pounds. >> it's the biggest melon i've grown. 119 pounds last year and i wanted to beat that record. >> he said he is proud of his 31 pound cantaloupe. >> those are big melons. >> a massive fire destroys homes. desperate residents were helpless. we'll tell you where this happened. and a startling sight, it appears two navy chopers are about to crash into a lake, right?
7:39 pm
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>> julie: kargs moving down the street but nobody is behind the wheel and new world record for swimming underwater. we go around the world in 80 seconds. >> brazil, a fire destroying 300 homes as it for through a small town. working to control the flames. nobody died but ten people were hurt. cause is unknown but fires in the area are common and often sparked by faulty power lines. >> venezuela, heavy rainfall triggering this massive landslide in caracas. banks of a nearby river giving way. at least one person died.
7:43 pm
dozens of families evacuated the area in anticipation of potential problems. >> a russian space capsule carried two russian cosmonauts and an american astronaut. returning from a six month stay at the international space station. as you can see they were placed in recliners to help them to adjust to the change in craf tiagsal pull. >> this ziev a proud holder of world record for swimming the longest distance on one single breath. swimming nearly 300 yards, the length of three football field before coming up for air. he can hold up to four gallons of oxygen and that is a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> a major drug take down south have border. nabbing an alleged trafficker
7:44 pm
known as the tiger. they said he shichd up to half a ton of drugs each month. the bust came in time. he may have been poised to take over a major figure in mexico's's more for just drug cartels. >> religious leaders are battling the belief by many outsiders that islam keeps women down. but now, interestingly some see a jump in the number of women convert go to the faith. >> miriam found fame as a child actress. now he is growing number of female converts in britain. she says 9/11 spread to a curiosity. she believed mohammad was a man
7:45 pm
of peace. treasure attacks doesn't represent the masses, she says. >> as a rule, mainstream does look at these actions, you know, those people are doing over that. who are these crazy people. >> she was an mtv host when she converted to islam. she moved to the u.k. when her conversion got a lot of negative press but she has no regrets. >> there was a crisis going around the world. rushing from one place to the other and on stage in front of thousands of people, back home in your hotel room. it felt empty. that was the time of crisis when islam was introduced to me. >>. >> they say many of the converts are looking for more structure or more discipline in their lives.
7:46 pm
there has been a slow and steady increase in numbers of women convert to go islam, there are more muslims leaving their religion than there are con virts to it. >> diana improves the rights of muslim women. while some find justice and equality in the faith, honor killings and representation are the other extreme. manifestations of islamic culture in some families she deals with. >> they threaten to injuries because of their religion. >> some say middle-class converts living in the u.k. have the luxury of being abe to cherry pick the aspects of the religion and inspire them. >> julie: sad sequel for troubled actress for lindsay lohan. she is out of jail. she is out from jail and future
7:47 pm
she faces and why she says her problems won't go away overnight. sniffing out contraband, man's best friend is a convict's worst enemy. ♪ ♪ ♪ tay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night -- only when you book at ♪ one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do
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>> julie: lindsay lohan spending only 12 hours behind bars after paying $300,000 bail. she is required to wear an alcohol monitor. the judge originally sentenced her to be held without bail but her attorney filed a successful appeal yesterday.
7:51 pm
she is due back in court on october 2nd where she learns her punishment after failing a drug test. while in jail, she had to live without a cell phone, can you imagine? poor girl. but determined smugglers are sneaking mobile devices behind bars by the thousands. convicts are using them to continue their criminal activity while doing time. now, corrections officers are getting help in the cat and mouse game of finding the forbidden phones. adam housley has this story. >> reporter: inside donovan state prison in san diego, man's best friend can be an inmate's worst enemy. smuggling of contraband is rampant in prisons but the biggest concern these days isn't drugs. >> we started to find cell phones in the possession of inmates. it provides them a huge
7:52 pm
opportunity to continue their criminal activity once they are incarcerated. >> over 7,000 mobile phones were found inside california prisons last year. inmates are using them to smuggle goongd and put out hits on judges and witnesses outside the walls. correction officers are using the most sensitive tool on the plan tote find them. >> where it would take a staff person one hour to search, i can have a dog do it in about one minute. >> eight teams have dogs have been deployed throughout the state to pick up a scent given off by certain chemicals only found in cell phones. >> the dog would will be able to tell you whatever it took to make that. >> it's one thing to find contraband like phones but how would it do with a total stranger's phone.
7:53 pm
we set it on the bunk to see if can find it. in less than a minute, draco alerts his handler. >> the way the dog's mind works, i search, when i source odor, i scratch by it. >> they are using high-tech devices like cell tracker, but for now a good old-fashioned game of fetch seems to be working just fine. >> julie: a pair of navy pilots could be facing disciplinary action because of this stunt right here. we're going to tell you what the navy says is really going on, next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] taste pops...
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race-inspired paddle shifters. and f-sport-tuned suspension. all available on the new 2011 lexus is. it isn't real performance unless it's wielded with precision. a former administrator charged in a government corruption scandal is out of jail. he served as city manager. she left jail after posting
7:57 pm
$350,000 bail. prosecutors say she took home $376,000 salary working for the city. she is charged along with seven others for misusing over five million in public funds. four others remain behind bars including the mayor. >> two chopper pilots facing disciplinary action after helicopter stunt caught on camera. look. >> oh, my gosh! >> this is video taken from our affiliate. to the casual observer the two helicopters may look like they are falling into the water but the pilot pulled up just in time. what was going on here. floyd godwin has the story. >> oh, my god. >> whatever it is, this video of two multimillion dollar military
7:58 pm
helicopters hovering over lake tahoe has some speechless. >> i've seen something like this, but -- >> here a closer look. $33 million helicopters from north island maritime strike squadron. the one on the right appears to sink below the water. the video was shot by a hiker. according to a lieutenant with naval air force command, the pilots were flying home from sacramento after taking part in an air show. though he wouldn't speak on camera, crew members involved have been temporarily grounded into an investigation by the aviation board has been completed. helicopters suffered damage, damage between $50,000 and $500,000. both were repaired in tahoe and
7:59 pm
flown home. here a closer look at the type of the helicopter we're talking about. they are use order navy ships in support of surface and anti-submarine warfare. in a message, they write from what i am learning this may have been unauthorized training, never my intent to get people in trouble. pilots could faced a might have action zpengd on the outcome of the investigation. >> julie: on this day in 1789, not content with what was from the constitution, 12 amendments, they were introduced by james madison, congress's pay as well as how many constituents would represent. those were not ratified but the other ten became what we now call the bill of rights, guaranteeing all americans freedom of speech, a right to


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